Summer Rice with Asparagus

summer rice with asparagus in blue speckled bowl

After seeing the great response to our photo, we want to share this recipe, which, by the way is #veganfriendly and very very #cleanfood 🙂


rice with asparagus ingredients in blue speckled, blue dots, and blue lines bowls

We didn’t use that recipe book for this meal, but we thought their picture of the asparagus looked nice. 🙂

  • Half of a big onion
  • Half of a medium red bell pepper… to add color and flavor to our dish
  • Mushrooms
  • Six asparagus. It’s is the Season!
  • One cup of rice. This time we used a white Basmati variety, but you can also use integral rice.
  • Two cups of hot hot hot water
  • Olive oil
  • Salt to taste, of course
  • Dry basil
  • And love, lots of love

I would recommend starting by preparing the ingredients in advance. Wash them and cut them in cubes (onions and peppers) or chunks (mushrooms and asparagus). We put them in bowls waiting for their moment to shine in the pan.

Use a big pan with a lid. Add olive oil and saute the onion at low heat until the onion is transparent and brownish at the borders. Then, add the mushrooms, asparagus and bell pepper. Stir them a bit with the onion. Add the rice. After a couple of minutes stirring all the ingredients, add the water and the salt. Cover the pan with the lid and leave it for 10 minutes at medium heat. After 10 minutes, we open the lid, add dry basil and enjoy the smell for a moment. Mmmm it smells good! Now you can add some extra virgin olive oil to finalize the dish.

Voilà, now you have a delicious summer rice to enjoy with the ones you love!